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Better than a Hallmark Movie

Raise your hand if one of these statements applies to you. If you’re above the age of 18, have a pulse, cable TV, and feel feelings, there’s an insanely high chance that you’ve probably watched part (or all) of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. There’s an even higher chance you (or someone you know) is … Continued

Hope and Christmas in a Parfumerie

There’s something about the holidays that’s…hopeful, don’t you think? In fact, I’d say that’s really what this time of year is all about: hope. Freshly fallen snow glistens on the roofs and the treetops. We fill our homes with family and friends and resolutions. Eagerly, breathlessly, we wait for the world to renew. Mistletoe hangs … Continued

Harriet’s Lesson

A good spy never gets caught, but should a good spy really record everything she hears, even if it’s hurtful? It’s a question all young spies—and grownups—must answer for themselves, and no children’s novel asks it better than HARRIET THE SPY. Opening this weekend, HARRIET THE SPY tells the story of an aspiring young writer … Continued

One Adult’s Perspective: Why Being in a Student Theatre Show is Awesome

Adults, when you hear “Student Theatre,” what comes to mind? I’m going to make an assumption right now that, for most of you, student theatre belongs to your “yesterday.” You remember the “good old days” onstage with Connie, or Brandon, or Dominic, or any number of student directors and leave it at that. And for … Continued

Finding Nemo

Captain Nemo is…somewhere. I can definitely hear her and Kelsey Celek talking. If I just cut through here… Wall. Maybe If I go around to… Wall. Is there some way to…nope. This is the story of my search for Nemo. Not the little orange fish with the lucky fin; the dangerous international criminal with the … Continued

Why I Celebrate New Volunteers

Our volunteers are some of the most interesting and wonderful and talented people I’ve ever met. Singers, seamstresses, painters, performers—I love seeing so many familiar and talented individuals around the place that so many of us call home. While I celebrate every one of their accomplishments, there’s only one thing I love to celebrate more: … Continued

Growing Up

“It’s supposed to hurt—that’s how you know it meant something.” When we’re little, we fall. We scrape, bruise, nick, cut, burn. And then we heal. Forgiveness comes easily; hurts are forgotten. And we climb right back to the top of the monkey bars, completely unafraid. As we grow, we learn. We learn that it isn’t … Continued

The Magic of Love

Any given Friday night can be magical. Think about it. You could be falling in love, falling out of love, finding out that the awkward date you’re on is definitely not going to lead to love, rediscovering new things about love that you never even knew. Yes, some of those things are painful. In the … Continued

Love in the Time of Wedding Planning

or  Why are there so many sunflowers in my living room? I’m getting married. In 17 days. *gulp* The flurry of tulle and lace has got me a little bit overwhelmed. Really, the wedding planning business is craaaaaaazy. All of the sudden, I have feelings about flower arrangements; people want me to tell them what … Continued


If you scream during THE HALLOWEEN TRILOGY, it’s probably because of Katie Hogge. Katie, a student entering her freshman year at Quincy Notre Dame, has the scariest role in the entire show—or so she’s been told—and it’s only her first time onstage. Her QCT story began in April when she was cast in THE HALLOWEEN … Continued

Campfire Stories: Onstage and Off

When your hands are sticky from roasting marshmallows, when the embers burn low and the occasional pop of the wood is the only thing to disturb the silence; that’s when it happens. “I heard this story once. It gives me chills just to think of it…” It doesn’t matter where you are—at Girl Scout camp, … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Fray

“I am a wild turkey.” These are words Jennifer Fray probably would have never said before starting her QCT story. But seeing as she did, Jennifer does find herself saying those words…a lot. That’s because Jennifer has the distinct honor of playing Sonia in QCT’s production of the Tony award-winning comedy VANYA AND SONIA AND … Continued

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