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Why I’m Glad We’re Producing SWEENEY TODD

[Be warned; the following contains spoilers for SWEENEY TODD!] I’ll admit it; I don’t like horror movies. I’ve tried. I’m the person who squirms at every suspenseful chord or jump cut. I get queasy at the sight of blood. Over the years I have paid movie theaters a lot of money for the privilege of … Continued


The cast and crew of TREASURE ISLAND were hard at work all weekend in tech rehearsals. It was a long but very productive process. I marveled at this group’s flexibility and skill as we refined elements of the show. In particular, there’s a battle sequence that we ran through dozens of times to get all … Continued

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Here Comes Tech

While most Quincy students enjoyed having Columbus Day off at school, the cast of TREASURE ISLAND was in rehearsal preparing for the next big step in this process: tech week. Tech week is when we start adding in all of the show’s production elements – costumes, lights, sound, microphones, and any props or set pieces … Continued

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Putting It Together

This morning, I walked into my office to find a half-finished peg leg waiting in my desk. Ah, a life in the theatre… Much like that peg leg, the pieces of our production of TREASURE ISLAND are starting to come together. Technical director Paul Denckla, in between his scenes as Blind Pew, has completed large … Continued

CAPTAIN’S LOG: The Treasure I’d Steal

I broke a rule for this show. Granted, it’s a rule I made up for myself, but it counts. Normally, I never watch movie versions of the shows I’m working on. Not that those movies aren’t awesome – because they are – but inevitably I end up comparing my work to what another director did. … Continued

CAPTAIN’S LOG: The First Day of Auditions

Ahoy, mateys! Today is the first day of auditions for TREASURE ISLAND. I’ll be seeing prospective pirates for the next few days and putting together our cast. For a director, this part of the process is equal parts exciting and scary. It’s exciting because I love working with actors and this means the fun of … Continued

CAPTAIN’S LOG: One Week Before Auditions

Lately, I have taken to listening to sea shanties while working at my desk. “Fifteen Men,” “Sir Patrick Spens,” and “Drunken Sailor” are now my jam. Occasionally I mix it up by including the songs from Pirates of the Caribbean or even Veggie Tales.  My music choices would be considered odd if I had any … Continued

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