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Where’s My Shoe?

When I first arrive at the theatre to get ready for the show, my shoes are another prop or costume piece I set. I go through a checklist of the entire show and place certain costumes and props where I will need to change into them (sometimes in a matter of seconds) or use them … Continued

Designing a Season

Right away I was excited about designing the new season logos because I love a challenge, and I love storytelling, and I love theatre, and I love art. This project combined all of them! I knew I wanted all the logos to have a look that made them fit together while still capturing, as succinctly … Continued

Don’t Miss the Details

Often we take a classic story, like the tales of King Arthur and the Round Table, or a classic musical, like CAMELOT, and look down on it from 30,000 feet. We throw grand generalized banners over it like “Legendary” and “Epic.” We build towering two dimensional pedestals for the characters in the story… Arthur is … Continued

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