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What You Do Know…

As an adult, or I should say as a person surrounded by wisdom, I sometimes question the benefit of knowing as much as I do. Mark Twain once wrote, “We have not the reverent feeling for the rainbow that the savage has, because we know how it is made. We have lost as much as we’ve … Continued


2015 has been a great year for Quincy Community Theatre! I am honored to work alongside Brandon, Kelsey P, Shari, Paul and Kelsey C.  It seems the season to reflect on the year, but how do I best reflect it? Nostalgia often breeds poetry I suppose, because some things are worth remembering in musical blasts. … Continued

The Blog is Missing

The blog is missing. It’s not my fault! At first I had the time and then all of a sudden, I didn’t. I blame the clock and its first cousin, the calendar. Now blaming some object for my failure to complete a task could be compared to the “dog ate my homework” excuse. I need … Continued

A time to renew

“To everything there is a season.” This is the title Pete Seeger gave to his musical adaptation of verses from the third chapter of the “Book of Ecclesiastes.”  More popularly it is known by those children of the 60’s as “Turn, Turn, Turn.” You may notice that I deflected a bit by using the word … Continued

A Fall Tale

Ah Fall! Fragrant concoctions at your local coffee shop; area schools in full swing; pirates singing on the high seas; cool crisp air; harvest haze; and nature’s brilliant colors. At QCT it also means the building of our Family/Student Theatre play. Head of Education Kelsey Celek, Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, and friends are busy … Continued

Keeping ’em down on the farm

WARNING, this is going to be a long one.  For those with things to do, places to go, people to meet etc., skip to the last two lines.  It sums everything up. Continuing: My rock and roll reference for today: Listening to you, I get the music Gazing at you, I get the heat Following … Continued

Inspiration by the millions

Having almost no original thoughts to start this blog, I decided to peruse various avenues of research, as I often do, trying to catch a start or anything to prime the old pump. I mostly avoid anything trending on Facebook, Wal-Mart, Twitter, or Wiki because if I am going to steal a couple of words … Continued

The Conversation

-So, Mr. Executive Director, it’s been a year now. How are things? Hello! Wait!  What? A year?  Already. -Oh, I remember what you said when you started. “I love this place!” “I am going to do this..”  and  “We are going to make sure this theatre is this and that..!” It has been a wonderful, … Continued

A Dark and Stormy Night, part deux

“Describe your scene, What is going on?” is an instruction you may hear between a director and an actor so that each can understand the actor’s choices in a scene; their perspective, so to speak. The director may hear responses that range from 3 words to 50.  Interiors, exteriors, the weather, clothes, and even smells … Continued

Not all winged creatures eat fruit

Would people come to see a play about your life? Would YOU come? At first one might think, “No way, I lived it once; I’m not gonna’ see a replay on stage!” But maybe you already have. Think not of painful things that have occurred to us in life, but think of what we have … Continued

QCT SPOTLIGHT: Shelley Smith

Shelley is a newcomer on the QCT stage, but plays the role of Norleen in MAMA WON’T FLY as if she had lived with her all her life. And, maybe she has. Shelley grew up in Quincy, graduating from both QHS and QU, then embarked on her journey in teaching. She, her husband Chuck, and … Continued

You Know Dogwood

You know Dogwood. It is the beautiful tree you see all over Quincy, known to horticulturists and Wikipedia junkies as Cornus Florida. Of course you know Dogwood. It is also the premier celebration of spring in Quincy, Illinois. The annual Dogwood Festival is Quincy’s spring event opener. Over the years it has included parades, neighborhood … Continued

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