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A famous final scene

Kenny G’s sax is setting the mood. Sinatra is singing “One for my baby, and one more for the road.”  You slowly slide the computer keyboard tray shut..then it bounces back open because the cord pulled too tight…you slam it  this time only to have the keyboard rise up off the shelf tilted at a weird … Continued

Say it in a song

For the past four years I have posted a thought or two on the theatre’s webpage that dealt with relevant issues going on at the time.  Looking back I have to admit that some of these issues were mostly in my head and had little to do with what was going on in the world, … Continued

Fish Big

I’ve noticed over the years that my imagination projector has somehow transcended from “I wonder what it could be, or what it could look like in the future!” to “Wow, this is so simple and it sure reminds me of something from the past!” This isn’t as sad as it sounds. To have something remind … Continued

A Letter

I was standing around the other day, minding my own business which I often do, thinking about this past year; both in the world and at Quincy Community Theatre. Not to go on like one of those old-time family Christmas letters, (which, by the way, I really enjoy!) but there are some significant things that … Continued

Someone Hears Every Word

OUR TOWN opened at Quincy Community Theatre this past weekend. Thorton Wilder’s story, as many of you know, is timeless. Well, now that I read my words, I am thinking it really was time-ful. It doesn’t so much provoke new thought, but it inspires one to simply relate to a time in your life and … Continued

Trying Times and Timing Tries

During the summers of my college career, I worked at an aluminum die casting factory in Monroe City called Kuhlman’s Diecasting. I mostly operated a trim press machine trimming aluminum waffle plates that would later become the major component of a Presto Waffle Maker. The job was not hard as the machine did 90% of … Continued

A Taste of Pie

Walking on to the stage the morning after a production set was struck is like walking into the kitchen after a family holiday meal. Leftovers are in the fridge and maybe a crumb or two are visible, just as onstage you might see a platform or a flat propped against the back wall, maybe to … Continued

Here we go again

Merry Christmas, Family! Welcome to my 2nd annual December letter. Or is it my first annual? I could’ve called last year’s my inaugural December letter, but that would have put a lot of pressure on me to do another. Maybe my first annual was last year when I wrote a letter for the first time…ah, … Continued

Paul’s Space

The Oakley Lindsay Center is a large building, not yet quaint, even though it has been the home of Quincy Community Theatre for 21 years. As a small company with a strong history, we look forward to someday becoming quaint. Maybe when stone, iron, and wood become “modern,” steel and glass will graduate to “quaint.” … Continued

Miles of AisIes

Gather all you poets, purists and music enthusiasts, and you’ll soon realize I’ve borrowed this title from Joni Mitchel’s first quasi-live album. Forgive me. By the way, in case you don’t know the album check it out; it tells wonderful stories of Yellow Taxis, Woodstock, The Circle Game, Cold Blue Steel & Sweet Fire, and others. … Continued


Human beings love to laugh, and the average adult laughs 17 times a day. Humans love to laugh so much that there are actually industries built around laughter. Jokes, sitcoms and comedians are all designed to get us laughing, because laughing feels good. For us it seems so natural, but the funny thing is that … Continued

Politics and Musical Theatre

Is it just me or has anyone else shut off the recent political debates only to have your mind go immediately to Musical Theatre? No? Don’t you sometimes think, “This is very wrong! Maybe Sondheim or Jeanine Tesori could compose the music, right? Then we could adapt some of the politicos’ real words with some … Continued

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