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March Volunteer Spotlight: Michele & Brian Clarke

For our March 2023 Volunteer Spotlight, QCT spoke with longtime patrons and volunteers Michele and Brian Clarke!

Parents to QCT’s very own Assistant Technical Director Harrison Clarke, Michele and Brian have supported QCT for over two decades! You can often find Michele working in the Box Office and Brian working in technical/behind-the-scenes roles.

QCT: How did you get involved/what inspired you to get involved with the theatre as a volunteer and/or patron?

Michele & Brian: We were given tickets to see a couple of shows in 2000. The very next season we became season ticket holders and haven’t missed a season since. We slowly started to volunteer just a bit, but when we became QCT Parents things progressed and expanded from there. Now, 20+ years later, if a call for volunteers can fit on our calendar we say, “yes!” 

QCT: What are some of your favorite things about being QCT volunteers?

Brian: Out of the different things I have helped with at QCT, sound board is one of my favorites. It is really rewarding to get through a show that sounds good and with all cues hitting their mark. Doing my part to help bring the stories to life for our audiences just feels great.

Michele: Being a part of an organization that is so important to the fabric of our community is fulfilling in many ways. I love working in the Box Office and seeing all of our patrons coming to enjoy quality theatre. I enjoy all of the processes in the Box Office whether it be selling a ticket, managing Will Call tickets or being able to accommodate someone who is on Standby. 

QCT: As you know, 2023 is our 100th year! With so many exciting productions ahead, what other shows in QCT’s 2023 season stand out to you, and why?

Brian: I am looking forward to RENT because I have always heard great things about the show. The music I have heard from it has been incredible. CLUE is another one, as I loved the movie, so seeing it on stage should be fun.

Michele: Honestly, I look forward to any show that others in town are talking about and excited to see. The young adults in our area are very excited about RENT. EVERYONE seems excited about CLUE, and THE HOBBIT is such a unique story many are familiar with so I can’t wait to see them all come to life on the QCT stage.

QCT: What would you say to encourage someone else to get involved at QCT as a volunteer?

Michele & Brian: Any amount of time you can give – even if it is only an hour – goes a very long way in the production of each show. There is something to fit everyone’s interest, talent, ability and/or schedule. Once you step into this welcoming space you become a part of a special family. It becomes very hard to not want to be involved. Come join us! 

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