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December Volunteer Spotlight: Drew Quintero & Lindsey Stroot

We are thrilled to spotlight two QCT volunteers for our December 2022 Volunteer Spotlight! Drew Quintero and Lindsey Stroot serve as Properties Coordinators in Little House on the Prairie, The Musical. We asked both Drew and Lindsey questions about their experiences with Quincy Community Theatre over the years.


  • How did you get involved/what inspired you to get involved with QCT?
    I first got involved with QCT in the early 90s through Stage Kids, which was a children’s show choir at the theatre. We would go around the community performing throughout the year. My general music teacher at the time, Stephanie Young, was the director of the group and she encouraged me to audition. 
  • What was the experience like?
    It was one of the best experiences ever! I was in a group where we sang and danced…I loved it! I met people in that group that have been lifelong friends and it introduced me to the student theatre program where I was given so many wonderful opportunities that helped shape me as a performer, director, choreographer, and human. 
  • What is a memory connected to QCT that has stayed with you?
    Having been involved for nearly 30 years there are so many great memories connected to the theatre that it is so hard to pick one. I have such lovely experiences in every show that I have been a part of, and they have all molded me into the person that I am today. From sharing the stage with my 4th grade reading teacher, who I now call my friend, to being a part of a show that combined hearing and deaf actors to present a performance both spoken and signed, to being awarded the Enid Ireland QUILTA, to knowing that I have a place that I can call a second home where I can create, explore, and grow…the experiences I have been fortunate to experience are truly phenomenal and the memories, which are too hard to choose from, will stay with me forever. 
  • What has been a big takeaway from a QCT experience?
    Anything is possible. So many times, I have been faced with what I thought were impossible tasks at the theatre, but in reality, all I needed to do was approach the task from a different perspective. From learning huge roles, learning how to tap dance in six weeks, being asked to change everything I was doing days before opening night, all of these seemed impossible when first presented. However, by taking a breath and looking at the situation in a new way, I was able to accomplish all of these things and more. I have been able to use so much of what I have learned at the theatre in my everyday life and truly, anything is possible!
  • What would you say to encourage someone else to get involved?
    Be like Nike and JUST DO IT! I think there are so many people out there that are afraid and think the only thing to do at the theatre is to be on stage, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. There are so many amazing opportunities for individuals to shine here – from sewing, to set building/painting, to helping in the office. There is a literally a place for every single person within the theatre walls. I believe that theatre is the great unifier. We can all come from different walks of life, experiences, and capabilities and within the theatre we can all come together and create magic! 


  • How did you get involved/what inspired you to get involved with QCT?
    Auditioning for the 2020 production of CHICAGO was my first involvement with QCT. I have always wanted to get my feet wet in musical theatre, but never quite had the confidence. I studied dance, danced professionally and instructed a variety of dance classes and programs throughout the years. What can I say, I love to dance. However, I was not involved in much singing. Once I heard QCT was holding auditions for the CHICAGO production, I was ecstatic. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not familiar with countless musical theatre titles, but as a lifelong dancer I knew CHICAGO. Soon after the announcement I focused on dance conditioning and even took a few vocal lessons to prepare for the audition. The rest is history.
  • What was the experience like?
    Fun! Fun! Fun! I was back in my element. It had been a few years since I was dancing regularly, and I loved every moment of it. I could run the dances over and over and over again, being on stage felt like a second home. And the camaraderie with the cast was extra, which made rehearsals and performances even more memorable. As a QCT newbie and my first musical ever, there was a lot I didn’t know. Thankfully, I had castmates showing me the ropes. From singing, makeup techniques, costume help, and stage cues. A friendly expert was not far. Of course, there was work involved, but it was well balanced with enjoyment too. Laughter filled the dressing rooms, the cast committed to outings, and we kept it positive and funny on the Facebook group. Did I mention the volunteers?! Each new person I met was delightful. Everyone who was involved in this show big or small was welcoming and happy to be a part of the theatre in some way. The cherry on top was a meeting my now Husband, Mark. I know right?!? What an experience! We were married August 2022.
  • What is a memory connected to QCT that has stayed with you?
    I said YES to a stage left proposal.
  • What has been a big takeaway from a QCT experience?
    QCT is a well-loved organization. It’s not surprising they are celebrating their 100th Anniversary. I have been involved with the theatre a little over two years and won’t be stopping now. In my two years I have performed in two summer musicals, signed up my children for classes and auditions, volunteer on the marketing committee, have decorated a display window or two, bought QCT merch, attend shows and events regularly and most recently a member of the prop team. It’s an honor to give back to an organization I’ve enjoyed being creative with and only wish I would have discovered the experience sooner.

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