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October Volunteer Spotlight: Craig Schafer

Craig Schafer is a familiar face to our patrons. He began attending performances at QCT as a child, and then two and half years ago, he started volunteering and has now ushered for almost every single performance! He also has attended our Build Days, where he helped build the set, and the Strike Parties, where he helped tear them down.

How did you get involved/what inspired you to get involved with QCT? 

I had a very blessed childhood and grew up seeing theatre with my grandma, who was a huge fan. She, unfortunately, passed about 4 years ago; leading me to contemplate how to properly honor her legacy. After attending a show, I realized getting involved with QCT was a fun way to make a difference and also keep her memory alive.

What was the experience like? 

The first time doing anything can be intimidating: you get in your own head about making mistakes. However, those thoughts were quickly silenced by the QCT staff, as well as fellow volunteers, who were so helpful and welcoming that it was easy to come back.

What is a memory connected to QCT that has stayed with you?

I have numerous core memories of going to a QCT show with my grandma, mom, and brother. Naturally, I remember the child-like aspects like getting to stay up past my bedtime or getting spoiled even further with our tradition of going to Dixie Cream Donuts afterwards (this has been quite a while ago!); but most of all, I remember having to get dressed up to go because, as my grandma used to say, “we dress up for the theatre.” I can still hear her say that, which is why today when I usher I wear a dress shirt and tie.

What has been a big takeaway from a QCT experience?

I think getting involved with set building has been very enlightening for me personally, as I went in with minimal construction/carpentry experience. At the beginning my mentality was very “I don’t know how to do this,” but the knowledge and willingness of the staff and volunteers to answer any questions or show any process has changed that mentality to “I simply haven’t learned that yet”.

What would you say to encourage someone else to get involved?

I’d say we love to have you! There’s a variety of ways to contribute, and they’re all beneficial to the cause and very satisfying. I’d also say that, if time commitment is the reason for your reservation, roles like ushering are only an hour an evening, and you sign up for what works best for you. If you want to help, there will be a way for it to work, and you will be welcomed with open arms!

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