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Aubrie is a 24-year-old theatre lover who is making her QCT debut in Flora & Ulysses. Her character, Rita, is at the center of some high-flying hijinks when Ulysses the Squirrel visits her restaurant, Do-Nut World. Come support Aubrie and her cast-mates when Flora & Ulysses hits the stage October 20-23!

Tell us about yourself. 

This is my first time ever doing a QCT show. I have taken some of Brendan’s classes at John Wood through College for Life, which is a college program for students with disabilities that my mom is the creator of. So I’ve worked with him for the last couple of years doing that, but this is my first full show.

Why did you want to audition for Flora & Ulysses? 

Because overall, I thought it was going to be a really fun adventure working on this ridiculously funny show. The show has so many life lessons within it, and you can learn so many things from it.

What is it about acting that you like? 

The main thing about acting that I enjoy is being someone else. Also, what’s nice about acting is that everything is scripted, so you know exactly what’s going to happen when.

What’s your superpower? 

I am a really good listener and I am able to focus on things really well.

Do you have any pets? What are their superpowers? 

I actually have a service dog in training right now, her name is Ruby and we are training her through Alpha Dog. Her superpower (right now) is probably her sense of smell. She is able to smell and play with everything…you can’t hide anything from her.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Everything– just because I’ve never done this type of show before. So it’s a new adventure to do absolutely everything in rehearsal. It will be a ton of fun to have new people every night seeing and enjoying the show.

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