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High Points with Hill: Connection

I’ve been thinking a lot about the QCT connection lately. One month ago (give or take a couple of days), we dedicated the newly named Barbara Rowell Auditorium to honor one of our greats. We were in our second weekend of the sensational Mame; the touring show, Miss Electricity, would preview just two days later and then hit the road; and a Kind of QUILTAs would be just a day after that. It was a busy stretch, to say the least. And while I left the week a little worn out, I also left it feeling more connected to the organization than I had prior. The common thread through all these events was the connections formed by hundreds of people who experienced something beautiful together.

I didn’t know Barbara Rowell very well. But it would be impossible to leave the auditorium on the day of the dedication and not feel the weight of her legacy to this organization. In the weeks since, every time I walk past the signatures that adorn the walls and past the photos that line the hallway from the stage to the green room, I try to pause and take a second to really see them rather than just let them fade into background decor. I am in awe of the sheer number of connections that have been made here, many of which can be attributed directly to Barb.

There is a place for everyone at QCT, a place for everyone to share their time and talent and, more importantly, find connections. Barb was one of the greats in bringing people in and helping them find their home. That is the legacy we celebrate and hope to carry on.

By QCT standards, the weeks since the dedication have been “quiet.” We have been prepping for TrapLegally Blonde, and summer classes, building summer programs in the box office system, working on a new strategic plan, and are starting to get things in order for next season.

We have just a few more “quiet” moments before we are off again, deep in production for the big summer show. The timing of the rest of the season allows for very few breaks after that. And with the 2023 season announcement in September, there are a lot of details that need to fall into place in the coming weeks as we prep for our momentous 100th anniversary.

With every show, there are more opportunities to get involved and form the QCT connection. I hope you’ll join us. Wherever your passion is, there’s a place for you at QCT. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get involved, this is it! Fill out our volunteer contact form, and we will be in touch with opportunities.

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