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The Reuschel Report

Written by Sara Reuschel

I’ve been trying to write this blog for the better part of two weeks. The reality of leaving QCT hasn’t fully set in. I knew writing this piece would make it feel more real, and I’m not quite ready for that. But, here we are.

Throughout my short tenure, I’ve often thought of how remarkable it was that I walked in to an organization that was relatively unfamiliar to me and almost instantly felt I was home. QCT is an incredible organization that has withstood the test of time, war, and ongoing pandemic. It has successfully done so because of the people that surround it – people who understand that in order to create something so special, it requires each person brings their unique talents, along with their respect and appreciation of others’ talents, and leaves their ego at the door. It is through this collective and supportive effort that we are able to create something bigger than ourselves. This culture of recognizing we all have something to bring to the table is what makes QCT such a warm and welcoming place – even for this spreadsheet-loving girl who can’t carry a tune in bucket nor had any idea where up stage was.

Before my new opportunity was shared with me, I would have confidently told you there wasn’t a job in this town that could persuade me to leave QCT. I have commented on multiple occasions to Brandon that we were going to retire together, and I already had a great idea for the theme of our party – one he probably would have never let me get away with! I share this because I want you to know how difficult this decision was – that QCT wasn’t a stepping stone for me or a place to simply gain more experience. It is a place that I have truly loved. A place that has challenged me to see the world from different perspectives, to have greater compassion and empathy, to learn to lead from the heart. My time here has been so special because of each of you and because of the beautiful and insanely talented people I was fortunate to work with.

Many of the strong, female leads of the upcoming 2022 season strive to change the world around them for the better. This is a sentiment that I’ve held close throughout my life. A wise man (who I think I may have quoted in my first QCT blog) recently told me, “Life is short not to take advantage of opportunities for love and family.” And, truly, that is what this new venture is for me. An opportunity to (hopefully) change the world around me – a world that is heavily rooted in faith and family, a world that includes my three girls, their futures, and the future of generations to come.

QCT will forever hold a special place in my heart as will each of you. I’m excited to work alongside you as a volunteer and join you in the audience for a season of sheer theatrical joy in 2022. I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me and my family into yours and for trusting me to be your leader. It has been the honor of a lifetime.

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