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Thomsen Talk: March 2018

IMG_9924_smallThe best part of an adventure is the people you meet!

March 2018 marks the official opening of our 81st Season. If you were to ask QCT volunteers why they keep coming back, I’m sure most would say, “The people.” Our aim is that every person involved here – whether onstage, backstage, front of house, or in the audience – is respected and feels special.

In the upcoming production of BIG FISH, you will see 12 very special people onstage. It’s significant that the epic story of Edward Bloom is told with so few actors: you get to know them. Each person represents a key figure in the life of one individual. Even though an actor plays multiple characters, there’s a comforting presence seeing that familiar face pop in and out. It reminds us of the significance of our relationships and the impact an individual can make on a life.

Edward says to his former neighbors, “A town is made of people and memories and dreams.” While we appreciate being able to perform in this comfortable facility, our theatre is not the building; it’s the volunteers, the staff, and the audience that make us who we are. We want and welcome different types of people – different backgrounds and experience levels – into this organization, and we hope that they find their time here to be rewarding: they were challenged and given the opportunity to express who they currently are and find out more about what they are capable of doing.

A volunteer once said to me, “Quincy Community Theatre is in the business of making memories.” The people of QCT gather together to realize dreams, and in doing so, create memories. Each person involved here puts their imprint on who and what we are. They are “the town.”

Brandon Thomsen
Artistic Director


March 16-18 & 22-25, 2018
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