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Out There on the Road

IMG_1432_editI have done a lot of traveling in my lifetime. I was born in London, England; then my family moved to Bolivia when I was three. During my childhood, we returned to England frequently and traveled to other countries around South America, North America, and Europe. Because of this, traveling has been an integral part of my life and has made me the person that I am today. Staying in one place is a struggle for me. After I stay in one place for too long, I get restless. I need to go on an adventure and experience life a little before I can come home and happily resume my daily life.

Because of this character trait, there is a line in BIG FISH: THE MUSICAL that Edward Bloom says that really resonates with me: “The road is something that’s in you. A need. You don’t drive it, it drives you.” I have that thirst to travel that needs to be quenched every once in a while in order for me to be satisfied with my life. Many people have said that travel is not always about the destination, and I couldn’t agree more. The journey is definitely part of the adventure and it always provides me with more incredible stories to share.

In BIG FISH: THE MUSICAL, Edward says “quite literally everything is out there.” There is a big world out there just waiting to be explored and experienced. He lives his life big and throughout his journey inspires others to fulfill their own dreams. His ultimate goal is to inspire people to get up, get out, and live life! As Edward Bloom says, you have two choices in life: “You can pine your life away wishing things were better” or “Out there on the road of life [you’ll] live the story [you’ve] been dreaming of.” I strive each day to live the life I have always dreamt of, and on my journey I have discovered my love of theatre. I cannot begin to describe the joy I feel being at a theatre with a group of people working hard to create a story for people to enjoy and fall in love with. It is such an incredible experience, and along the way I have met some wonderful people.

Edward Bloom says, “The best part of an adventure is the people you meet.” Doing theatre has provided me the opportunity to meet some incredible characters, who I am so glad to have as part of my life’s story. Each one touches my life and changes me for the better as we learn and grow together. As Edward goes through life he also encounters a wonderful assortment of characters from giants and werewolves to witches and mermaids. Each character’s life is touched by their encounter with Edward and in turn Edward’s life changes with each new encounter. As we live our lives, we are constantly learning, growing, and changing. The people we encounter guide us on our journey and influence the person we are and will become.

So whatever your adventures may be, please be sure to meet new people and explore new experiences. Remember to live the story you’ve been dreaming of!

Ruth Kummerow


March 16-18 & 22-25, 2018
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