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The Music of Avonlea

Posted on February 9, 2018 by Riley Holthaus
Anne singing in front of the piano, played by Cindy Piper.
Anne singing in front of the piano, played by Cindy Piper.

Where to start? There is barely a quiet moment in the show; even when there is dialog, the music is setting the tone. It is suspenseful when Anne is getting into trouble, and joyful when she is happy. The piano is like her friend she brings along where ever she goes, setting music to her life. You can’t have a musical without music, and Avonlea is filled with music.

The songs and musical elements to ANNE OF GREEN GABLES enhance the story in ways unimaginable. The characters aren’t just saying lines, they are talking through music as well, and it brings a higher meaning and value. With just a piano, you don’t get the woodwinds, the brass, or the strings. You practically get all of them! Because the piano is a bass clef and treble clef instrument, you can get low and high sounds without the cost of having to find a whole orchestra.

A lot of the characters have a “theme tune,” a little jingle that plays when the person has entered the room. I believe this makes the story come to life even more, as you can tell what the character is up to by the way the song sounds. When Anne is speaking to her bosom friend, Diana, a song called “Making Up for Lost Time” plays. That is the song that shows their connection. Gilbert hums the melody to the song “Two Weeks,” the connection between Gilbert and Anne.

I hope ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is a musical families can go to and come away from remembering the music and its impact on the way the story is told.

Riley Holthaus
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