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Better than a Hallmark Movie

IMG_8440_SquareRaise your hand if one of these statements applies to you.

  • If you’re above the age of 18, have a pulse, cable TV, and feel feelings, there’s an insanely high chance that you’ve probably watched part (or all) of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.
  • There’s an even higher chance you (or someone you know) is borderline obsessed with Hallmark Channel, especially at Christmastime.

Come on; no shame. Literally every hand should be in the air. Guys, I see you over there acting all casual about it.

I’m here to tell you that there’s something BETTER than Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas.

Normally, I’d be kicked off of the internet for a statement like that. Honestly, though, there is. It’s called SHE LOVES ME and it’s perfect and it’s lovely and it leaves movies like SWITCHED FOR CHRISTMAS and CHRISTMAS NEXT DOOR in its romcom dust.



REASON #1: It’s a story you’ll love…

If you were alive in the 90s, you probably have seen YOU’VE GOT MAIL. This woman (played by Meg Ryan) has been talking to this guy over AOL, but knows nothing about him. She also happens to own an independent book store in NYC. Then this guy (played by Tom Hanks) decides to open a chain bookstore around the corner. They become bitter rivals, but in a strange twist of fate discover that they’ve actually been talking to EACH OTHER online…and are completely in love!

So if you know YOU’VE GOT MAIL, you already know SHE LOVES ME. Why? Because THEY’RE BASED ON THE SAME PLAY. True story. They’re both based on a play called PARFUMERIE by Miklós László. Plus, it’s one of the best Christmas musicals I’ve seen (as I’ve noted here).


REASON #2: It’s bursting with feels…

One of the main reasons Hallmark Christmas movies are so popular is because they’re formulaic. Woman meets man, they fall in love, snow falls, etc. Tons of stuff may happen in the middle, but you always know how the movie is going to end. The main couple will always fall in love. And because you know how the story ends, you know how you’re going to feel in 90 minutes: happy.

Even if you walked in knowing nothing about SHE LOVES ME, I can promise you this: you’re going to be positively joyful at the end of this show. Ask anyone who has already seen the show, and they’ll tell you the same. This is partially because you know how this romantic comedy will end, but partially because you aren’t watching SHE LOVES ME; you’re experiencing it. More on that later…


REASON #3: It’s a classic American musical…

SHE LOVES ME is a relatively unknown show, but it can definitely hold its own against classics like HELLO, DOLLY! and WHITE CHRISTMAS. The music is simply exquisite. Each number, no matter who is singing it, is a different sparkling gem in this jewel box of a show.

These songs are also infectious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said thank you…and finished their shop jingle quietly in my head! You just won’t get that from your movie marathon…


REASON #4: It’s happening here and now…

In a world where we can watch whatever Hallmark Christmas movie we want when we want, there’s something special about something so…fleeting. Watching a movie is just that: watching a movie. Experiencing a show is like entering a different world. From the moment you turn off your phone to the moment you leave the building, you have the opportunity to connect with something alive. You can feel Georg’s joy when he reads his letters; Amalia’s nervousness as she goes to meet her Dear Friend.

The performance you see is special; it will never happen again in the same way, even if we revisit this show in the future with the same people. That fleeting nature makes it all the more genuine…and all the more real…


REASON #5: You know these people…

I’m never going to have a connection to Candace Cameron Bure. Every time I turn on my television, she’s going to give the exact same performance. I’m going to feel whatever I’m supposed to feel. Then, I’m going to go about my day and Candace will no longer be part of my life.

The characters in SHE LOVES ME, though, are people you know…even if you don’t know them personally. You might work with Jasper. You might have watched Elizabeth grow up at the theatre. Maybe Amber made your wedding cake, or you see Drew at your bank. Now you have the chance to see them in a different way. The actors in SHE LOVES ME are just as talented as the ones you see on screen, but you can say you know them. For me, that makes seeing this show all the more special.


This year, I’m not turning on my TV. I’ve got something better, and it’s in my own backyard. You do, too.

Aren’t we lucky?


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