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Hope and Christmas in a Parfumerie

2017 HW Ads22222There’s something about the holidays that’s…hopeful, don’t you think?

In fact, I’d say that’s really what this time of year is all about: hope.

Freshly fallen snow glistens on the roofs and the treetops. We fill our homes with family and friends and resolutions. Eagerly, breathlessly, we wait for the world to renew. Mistletoe hangs over doorways, stockings are placed on the hearth. Stories are told of a new life, of a precious gift brought in the tiny hands of a newborn baby in a humble manger. We thank yesterday, but look towards tomorrow.

Every year I watch our audiences celebrate our final show of the season. They generally like musicals, Christmas musicals the best. This year, as I watch them gather once more, I’m struck by how appropriate this show is. You wouldn’t know it from the title, but SHE LOVES ME is a Christmas story—a perfect Christmas story.

You see, it’s about people just like us; people who work, and look for love, and have hopes and fears and dreams. We, as an audience, join their stories at the end of summer. Amalia has just been hired at a new job. She’s nervous; she needs this. Her coworkers are pleasant, save for one: Georg. Georg is a nice guy, he really is, but they just can’t get along. The colder it gets outside—and inside the parfumerie—the warmer their hearts become. Georg and Amalia have invested all of their love into anonymous pen pals. From those special and secret relationships, they find hope.

It’s absolutely no coincidence that this hope grows stronger the closer they come to Christmas. Tis the season.

I leave this story convinced, to borrow the words of another great musical, that “the world is full of wonderful things.” After those last chords, my heart is simply bursting with love and joy. But most of all, it’s bursting with hope.

The same hope that I feel every year at this time.

And, for that, I’m thankful.


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