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Thomsen Talk: July 2017

Posted on July 17, 2017 by QCT

Thomsen TalkJune is bustin’ out all over!


It’s not June?

It’s July? It’s JULY?

What happened to June?


Time flies when you’re having fun, right?


When I came to QCT in 2006 as the director of student theatre, QCT was in rehearsals for the summer musical, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. The following summer was FOOTLOOSE, and the summer after that was URINETOWN. I noticed that there was a different energy in the building surrounding the summer musical. Maybe it’s the show itself, maybe it’s because teachers and students feel liberated enough to do a show, maybe it’s because nice weather puts people in better moods; I can’t explain it, but there’s an extra spark with the summer musical, and I thought, “I want some of that.” I decided to audition for a summer musical and experience for myself that feeling of summer comradery. In 2009, I auditioned for THE PRODUCERS and was cast as Leo Bloom. At the very first rehearsal, I did something out of my norm and announced that I would like us all to go out after this rehearsal. A large group did, and we continued to socialize throughout the summer, while also remaining focused on our real reason for being there: to put on a great show.

This summer’s musical, HELLO, DOLLY!, is one of those special, quintessential summer musical experiences. The cast is fresh and eager to learn, and they save the drama for the stage. We have an encouragement board by the stage door, and they pin up notes of compliments and positive words of advice. The company goes out at least once a week, but the social aspect remains secondary to the need to fine-tune our onstage storytelling.

I spend most of my summers in a darkened theatre, and I may be suffering from a lack of Vitamin D, but I still get plenty of sunshine. Corny, I know.

Brandon Thomsen
Artistic Director