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Look! I’m Dancing!

For me, HELLO, DOLLY! is about adventures.

As the various characters embark on their individual adventures, it seems to be a requirement that they learn how to dance along the way. Ambrose has to learn to dance to become financially independent to support Ermengarde. Cornelius and Barnaby have to learn to dance to take Irene and Minnie Fay to Harmonia Gardens. Even Horace must learn to dance before he can fulfill his dream.


Dancing seems to be a rite of passage in HELLO, DOLLY!. I believe that the same is true in life. I am not saying that everyone must learn to dance, but I think that in order to truly have an adventure and grow in life, one has to learn something new.

HELLO, DOLLY! is my first time on the QCT stage, and I have learned many new things through this adventure. I have learned how much work goes into creating an amazing production. I have learned new vocabulary terms for backstage and onstage that I did not previously know. I have learned how to sing, dance, and perform simultaneously while attempting to bring my own personality to my character. And, of course, I have made some wonderful friends along the way.


This has been quite the adventure for me and I cannot believe the show is open! I am so excited to share my adventure with the audience.

Life should be full of adventures! So go out there and learn something new! Might I suggest learning how to dance? And while you’re at it, don’t forget to come see HELLO, DOLLY! for a little inspiration.

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