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Thomsen Talk: April 2017

IMG_1096My nose is running, tears are running down my face. Can it be? Am I getting emotional? Heaven forfend! It’s that time again— spring allergies. The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and my eyes are redder. Despite being in a perpetual allergy-induced haze, I do really love the spring. Rejuvenation, rebirth….

After I close a show, people will ask, “When do you start the next one,” and most of the time my response is, “We started last week.” You see, our production calendar is so tight that as soon as we open a production we have to have auditions for the next production. The show is cast while the current production is still running, and then the Tuesday after we close, we begin rehearsals.

Intense? Definitely. However, the start of each production feels like spring to me. Yes, it’s like allergy season and I’m in a bit of haze, but thankfully, it’s a chance to begin again. I have a new energy because I’m working on new material with a new group of people. I bring to the new show lessons learned from the previous, and alongside a new company of dedicated volunteers, we plant and nurture a new production in the landscape of Quincy Community Theatre.

Brandon Thomsen
Artistic Director


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