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Here we go again

decembersceneMerry Christmas, Family!

Welcome to my 2nd annual December letter. Or is it my first annual? I could’ve called last year’s my inaugural December letter, but that would have put a lot of pressure on me to do another. Maybe my first annual was last year when I wrote a letter for the first time…ah, Man! Or is it now?  It’s like your birthday. Your second birthday anniversary is generally called your first birthday.

It is easy to understand that calling something the first annual is hard to define. So the question remains; if an event re-occurs the next year, is it the first annual or second annual? It is the first time it’s been an annual event, but the second time it has occurred. You have to wonder now; do we trust that the third annual anything is going to be the third or fourth time it has occurred? Who monitors this? What about all those t-shirts?

Since we have just gone through a political season, where every four years we experience an outbreak of word devaluation, who really cares about my trite word issue? Words and their true meaning have had some tremendous injuries this year and are going to need time to heal, right? Ok, I thought I was over this, but that makes me wonder. Is it really an inauguration if it has happened before? It sounds weird to call it the quad-annual Presidential inauguration. Can you really plan for an annual first-time event knowing it has happened 57 times before? And sometimes it’s not a person’s first inauguration. Back in my day, (I kinda like saying that every now and then) we used to refer to the day the county sheriff, clerks and judges took office as the non-number specific, “Swearing-In.”  I suppose that word conjured up too many conflicting definitions…..  Anyway…

Merry Christmas, Family!

Welcome to my _?_ annual December letter. Well, it has been a year like no other. The productions have touched many new people and were strengthened by many of our faithful volunteers. Our audiences and patrons were treated to the beginning of many beautiful stories. Lady Windermere’s Fan; Shrek the Musical (TYA); Camelot; Totally Red!; Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike; The Halloween Trilogy; Sister Act; Almost, Maine; A Wrinkle in Time; and Peter and the Starcatcher. The visual pictures, the storytelling, and the music were genuine gems in our Gem City.

A few weeks ago, we lost our beloved Technical Director, Paul Denckla to cancer. The impact Paul had on this theatre and this community is nothing short of tremendous.  Paul’s knowledge, wit, and love of his craft, were unmatched. He is missed!!!

Brandon and I survived another year  improving our collaboration. Our marketing endeavors have reached new audiences and they continue to strive to be relevant and fresh. We “inaugurated” a new ticketing system and we decided to raise ticket prices. (-insert jokes here.-) Our Education programs continue to rock the performing arts world, both in the schools and at our house. Janae, our resident costumer, has settled in very well. Her contributions to the bristle broom market in just this last production have to have had a major economic impact.

I want to acknowledge and thank Dana Dean, Kai Ruxlow, and Seth Campbell for being there to design and build our last few shows. Jason, Troy, Barb, James, Jill, and all the volunteers who have stepped in to help, you are so appreciated!!

Speaking of volunteers, What a year this has been!!  We have had some great help in the costume shop and scene shop.  Our community is very supportive by ushering, scanning, greeting, and helping in the box office.  We really are a volunteer based organization and we are so appreciative of everyone’s help.  Spread the word.  It’s a great time!

Peter and the Starcatcher, our final show of the season, opens this week and the experience will be an awfully big adventure!

new-year-1529429_1280Turning the page will be very challenging.  There is a tremendous void to fill.  Size 50 shoes, someone told me. We are seeking full time design and tech support and we are working with our audiences to make their theatre-going experiences the best ever. We have some great productions prepared for 2017.  Tarzan; Sweeney Todd; The Dixie Swim Club; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Hello, Dolly!; Our Town; Harriet the Spy; She Loves Me; and The Nutcracker. Season Tickets are on sale and would make wonderful gifts!

So 2017, here we go again! Challenge us and we will be there. Come imagine, create, and collaborate with QCT. We love our families and we remember our loved ones.  And while you enjoy the performing arts in anticipation of the 3rd annual December letter, remember, let’s be careful out there!


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