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Ensemble—Just My Forte


Ensemble. What does that mean? A group of actors, musicians, or dancers who perform together. But not every member of a company has a distinct name or character. While ‘Tree Number Two’ may not seem like the most glamorous of titles, sometimes it may be enough to give the audience a laugh or jolt of emotion. The ensemble of Sister Act has a gigantic variety. From altar boys, to hookers, to the homeless, to police officers, to bar patrons, there are a multitude of positions for all of the ensemble.

AJ Wiewel writes: “Being a part of the ensemble has been awesome. Everyone has done an amazing job. I have enjoyed working and getting to know everyone and making new friends.“

When not doing their tap dances or back-up singing, ensemble(ers) are always a massive help backstage with the moving of set pieces, setting up for upcoming scenes, helping with costume changes, makeup, and all the awesome details that make a production go as smooth as possible.

Gretchen Wolfmeyer, who also plays a multitude of roles in the production, writes “So far I get to play five distinctly different characters and I love being able to quickly switch from a backup singer, to a society lady out Christmas shopping, to a nurse helping the homeless… and a few others that I don’t want to give away!  My fellow actors are supportive and kind and are willing to help this rusty, old actor and improviser. I am overwhelmed at how professional, open, and generous everyone has been during our rehearsals. The cast and crew are all striving for excellence and I can’t wait until opening night!”

When asked about what it meant to be in an ensemble, Katie Kraushaar wrote:  “I always have a great time getting to know the ‘minor’ players of the cast.  We get to have all the fun, be in the big scenes, and reap glorious applause—but can sit back and enjoy the fact that we don’t have as many lines as the principles! It is work, sweat, and occasionally tears, but worth it every time.”

Even when faced with the most difficult of choreography, or trying to keep their array of dance number straight, this intern has been blown away by the incredible stamina, vigor, and talent that the Sister Act ensemble posses. Each member cares about how the image is shaped. No one can pull the audience’s eyes for the wrong reason. As Zach from Michael Bennett’s A Chorus Line says, “I want to see unison dancing. Every head, arm, body angle, exactly the same. You must blend.” This intern has loved the syzygy of the ensemble, both in and out of rehearsal, as we create the story of Sister Act.

The ensemble of Sister Act includes Andrew Arnold, Valerie Hernandez, Ashley Kenady, Katie Kraushaar, Quinton Metcalf, Joe Osier, Dan Tanna, AJ Wiewel, as well as additional support from Gretchen Wolfmeyer, Marietta Miller, and Mason Ellison.


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