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The Heat of a Sister Actin’ Summer

Elizabeth Mannhardt and her nutty nuns!
Elizabeth Mannhardt and her nutty nuns!

It. Is. Hot. Summer is here! And where is all this heat coming from? From no where else, but the INFERNO, that is Sister Act. Rehearsals have been going for several weeks now, and with every attendance, the cast of Sister Act shows that they will bring the heat and raise the temperature every time.

The show’s vocal director is Elizabeth Mannhardt, (happy late birthday), and she describes the array of musical pieces as, “harkening back to the disco era, but staying fresh with new contemporary numbers as well.” The show offers ballads, uptempo numbers, and reprises that leave listeners cheering for more and more with every measure. When asked about her favorite song, Mannhardt said, “I can never chose a favorite, but each song has something special about it.”

Hedy Rothfuss, the pianist, comments by saying that it’s unlike anything she’s played before,  “It’s not your typical musical.”  The harmonies that are created from the company are truly inspiring, bringing a breath of sometimes hot and warm, or of sometimes cool and dramatic. All of the vocal ranges are covered beautifully by the cast, letting the audience know that each member brings his or her piece to the puzzle of this beautiful melodic image.

The show also includes a rap! That honor goes to Sister Mary Lazarus during the Act II opener, “Sunday Morning Fever.” Lazarus, leader of the choir before she passes the baton to Deloris, is a dedicated older woman who has been in the convent for more than 10 years. She will do anything to help spread their holy message, and to show contrast, the older woman articulates every syllable to perfection. Our Mary Lazarus is Quincy’s own Mary Ann Peter.

Mother Superior, played by Doris Sanders, has several melodic, rich songs, which she uses to portray her confident and controlling role. Sanders has nicknamed one of her songs “I Haven’t Got a Prayer” as “the beast.” The song offers listeners Superior’s opinion on her circumstance, the status of the new and “successful” church, and how she questions her faith while the church is changing without her consent. Sanders takes the intense, heavy song and uses it to her full advantage.

Sister Act is a heated show that leaves the audience begging for more flaming hot lyrics and dialogue. Whether you come for the dancing, the singing, or the acting, EVERYTHING will leave you wanting more in this sizzling production.


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