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What A Nunderful World: The Lovely Message Behind “Sister Act”

Hello there! For those of you who aren’t aware, QCT has taken on a few new interns for the summer including myself, Mackenzie Finklea. We will be doing some awesome things like assisting with the summer classes (so sign up for them!) and creating beautiful blog post masterpieces just like this one.

First Meeting 5I am lucky enough to also be the Assistant Stage Manager for SISTER ACT, and although we are just a week into rehearsals, I am confident that this is one show you will not want to miss. Everyone in the cast has already begun to commit to their roles with a bold and creative attitude and the production team has been working diligently to create an environment that allows the cast, crew, and audience to play and learn through this production. This show has managed to balance its powerful message, strong characters, and some fantastic humor.

One of the most important ideas for our specific production is that, while these nuns will be belting riffs and shaking their booties, there is respect for religion and those who have chosen to commit themselves to it. We want our audience to understand the message behind the show. It is not that religion needs to be more fun or have more disco fever; it is that it requires love. This doesn’t just apply to religion, but to music, performance, family, and relationships. This speaks to me on so many levels because I believe that the best part of the performances at QCT is how much love, energy, and passion is put into every production. No one volunteers at our theatre out of requirement or for money or fame; each person onstage and behind the scenes is here because they want to be. Our performances come from a place of passion, just as the nuns sing to show their love for God, and Deloris sings to show her love for music. Deloris has a wonderful moment when she says, “Now sisters, listen up. When you sing, it’s not just notes. This is rejoicing. You are singing to the Lord.”

First Meeting2This production is not going on to say nuns are boring or they need to be funnier to be heard. Through its humor and groovy music, we are working to spread love and joy and, as corny as it may sound, I’ve absolutely seen its effect already. To quote Sister Mary Patrick, I am “gosh darn lucky I am here!”

Mackenzie the Intern

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