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Thomsen Talk: February 2016

Brandon_watching_Camelot_rehearsal“One brief shining moment that was known as Camelot….rehearsals!”

Rehearsals can be exhausting, tedious, and exhilarating! Often all in the same night!

The job of an actor is to lift the words off the page and breathe life into them. What that life could possibly be is discovered throughout the rehearsal process. In rehearsals we constantly ask each other “What does this mean” (the age-old Lutheran question), “Why are you saying this” and “By saying this, what do you hope happens.” When we answers these questions, we discover the story we are presenting.

We are currently in blocking rehearsals. Blocking is the term for the staging or the movement in the scenes. As a scene is being blocked, we discuss the text, and as we discuss we unearth gems that make the characters shine. The past four days of blocking rehearsals have been like an archaeological dig, finding buried cities beneath layers of earth. These cast members wear their thinking caps to every rehearsal. What we will present to audiences in March will be a fresh, thought-provoking production of a musical that was written over fifty years ago but feels ever-so relevant; after all, the quest for truth and justice never goes out of style.

“Don’t let it be forgot!”

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