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Thomsen Talk: January 2016

Volunteers 2015In my Thomsen Talk in January 2015, I shared with you the New Year’s resolution of the QCT staff. Here it is again:

We intend to have work spaces that are clean, organized and efficient; we plan to make stronger usage of our volunteers; we plan to strengthen our artistic vision; and perhaps most importantly we plan to nurture a friendly and welcoming environment for you.

How did we do? Is it like me saying, “I’m going to the gym this year,” and then I never went, or did we make improvements? Let us know. We want to hear from you. You can email me directly:

I assure you we are going to hang on to that resolution for 2016, and we are adding focus to a particular element: enriching the customer and volunteer experience. From your first initial phone call to walking out to your car after seeing the performance, we want your QCT experience to be extraordinary. Just as I did last year, I put this out into the universe in order to be held accountable. We exist because of and for you. We want a community within this theater that is valued, respected and cherished.

Happy New Year!

Brandon Thomsen
Artistic Director


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