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The Blog is Missing

The blog is missing. It’s not my fault! At first I had the time and then all of a sudden, I didn’t. I blame the clock and its first cousin, the calendar.


Now blaming some object for my failure to complete a task could be compared to the “dog ate my homework” excuse. I need you to know that I’m not claiming the preposterous; I am rationalizing with the hope of gaining empathy among those of you of who might be convinced someone or something else is to blame for things not going right. This, many will recognize, is a popular ploy used by current politicians.

Though I’m no Forrest Gump, I dare to say “Time is like a rich macaroon. It weighs nothing or nearly nothing. You are so happy to have it before you and yet it dissolves so quickly. It is gone before you realize it.” And so you have to ask yourself, “Did I get all from it I imagined I would?” If you’ve read this far then you probably understand, with these thought processes, why I didn’t get the blog finished on time. In fact you may wonder if I get anything done, let alone on time.

If I were to have written my blog on time you would have read my attempt at a witty thought for the day and how I slyly related it to a need to buy a ticket to Quincy Community Theatre’s WINTER WONDERETTES; or Cheryl Kaiser’s production of THE NUTCRACKER, co-sponsored by Quincy Community Theatre. I would have crafted an idea that, if laid out properly, would have guided you back to our 2016 season, themed “Stories Begin.”  You most likely would have fought the impulse to skip to the end just to find out how to get these great season tickets! That is, if I’d have written my blog on time. But I’m not so sure it was my fault.

I take us back to that evil object responsible for all “our” woes: the clock.  Did you know that “the timekeeping element in every modern clock is called a harmonic oscillator?” Just the words sound evil. Wikipedia claims that this is a necessary resonator that moves repetitively at a constant frequency. This was beginning to sound to me like a conspiracy to manipulate time. However, in my research I could find nothing to support this notion. I could find no component of a clock that purposely deviates in order to steal time allotted to you, nor will it slow down just to allow for the procrastination factor in a person. The clock could not have stolen the blog.

Huh, well I suppose it could be my fault.

The fabulous WINTER WONDERETTES is running through December 6th. Tickets for our 2016 season “Stories Begin” are on sale and would make great Christmas gifts for you and for family and friends. Auditions for SHREK THE MUSICAL (TYA) and LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN are in a few days. And just in case I fall victim to an evil time thief again, have a peaceful and love-filled Christmas!


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