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Tina MoyerWhen they’re onstage, the ladies of WINTER WONDERETTES absolutely sparkle. If you’ve seen them before, you know you can expect nothing less from this talented group of women. But there’s one Wonderette that you might not already know: Tina Moyer.

If you take a moment to talk to Tina after the show, we know you’ll love her. Like her Wonderette counterparts, Tina is just as charming, just as magnetic, and just as lovely as she is in the musical. Having recently moved to Quincy from Barry, Tina works as the Chief of Security for the Illinois Veterans Home, and prior to that, was a Correctional Officer. When she heard about the show, she knew that this was one opportunity she didn’t want to pass by.

“I love Christmas music, and after reading the synopsis, it sounded like a cute, funny, and very entertaining show,” said Tina. “This is one I would definitely be attending if I had not been cast.”

As fate would have it, Tina was (ironically) cast as Cindy Lou, the somewhat reformed “bad girl” of the group. Although this is her first show at QCT, this isn’t Tina’s first foray into theatre. In high school, Tina participated in her school musicals, even doing one with the Pittsfield Theatre Guild during her senior year. Returning to the stage has been a bit overwhelming because of her move to Quincy, but Tina is still enjoying the experience.

“Everyone has been wonderful to work with and I’m enjoying myself very much,” said Tina. “I love the music and the fact that this show will make people laugh and feel good. We all need more of that in our lives.”

According to Tina, WINTER WONDERETTES accomplishes this feat by helping people get into the holiday spirit…and giving them a giggle or two!

“I have no doubt it will definitely do that for everyone. It is light-hearted and I believe people will go away from it saying what a fun time they had and that the music was wonderful,” remarked Tina.

As for Tina, she will be walking away with a different outlook on the theatre and how she can be involved. After this experience, Tina hopes to continue her relationship with QCT as a regular performer or volunteer. However she chooses to be involved, we are certainly lucky to have her. You see, Tina might not have taken a chance at auditioning.

“I will be honest, I had thought about auditioning before but heard that the theatre is ‘clickish,’ and that I’d probably be wasting my time,” remembered Tina. “I would have to completely disagree with this rumor as I feel very welcomed here. I would highly encourage anyone considering auditioning to go for it! After all, what’s the worst they can say—“No Thanks”? I’ve heard that before anyway. You never know if you never try.”

And we’re glad Tina did try. So when you see WINTER WONDERETTES, make sure to welcome Tina to the QCT family. You’ll hopefully be seeing a lot more of her!

We’ll leave you with a special “Thank You” from Tina herself:

“I would like to thank everyone for helping out the ‘newbie.’ It is greatly appreciated! I would also like to say that it is a great honor to work with such talented people in all aspects of this production.”


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