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CAPTAIN’S LOG: Here Comes Tech

Just some of the areas where you’ll find a hard-working crew member during the show!

While most Quincy students enjoyed having Columbus Day off at school, the cast of TREASURE ISLAND was in rehearsal preparing for the next big step in this process: tech week. Tech week is when we start adding in all of the show’s production elements – costumes, lights, sound, microphones, and any props or set pieces we haven’t tried yet – in preparation for having our first audience. It’s a huge step for us as an ensemble.

This is also the part where we’re adding more people to our pirate crew. Every show needs some hard-working folks backstage (in addition to the actors) to keep everything running smoothly. For TREASURE ISLAND, that includes: board operators who run the lights and the sound during the show, a fly rail operator who uses our fly system to bring in unique scenic elements like the ship’s sails, and the run crew who assist with changing the set, costumes, and props. Everyone on the crew communicates with our stage manager, Logan, during the show. They wear headsets while Logan calls the show, which means she gives the command for when it’s time to change the set/start a sound cue/etc. The crew will start rehearsing with us now so that by the time we open, their transitions will be a fully integrated part of the show. I’m so grateful to have such a top-notch crew involved.

This weekend the cast and crew will put in some extra hours as we add these last pieces of the puzzle. It’s all becoming very real very quickly!

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