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Into the Spotlight

IMG_7905From the dark, into the spotlight!

Over my fifteen year association with QCT, I have had some opportunities onstage, but found more fulfillment behind the scenes – either running crew, assembling props, dressing the stage, or working on costumes. Much of that is done in the dark. Bumps, bruises, and scrapes are commonplace as I try to make my way behind the curtain to deliver a prop, tweak a set before it returns to the stage, or assist one of the characters with a quick costume change before they run back onstage.

For LEND ME A TENOR, I have moved from the dark backstage to the bright spotlight in full view of the audience. So, what is so different?

“Line?” Learning once again to rely on my fellow actors to feed me the right cue, and to make sure mine are there for them…and knowing that the Stage Manager has got my back when I’ve lost my place.

The Why. Always being aware of my character and her motivation for being – Why is she reading a magazine? Why is she opening that door? Why is she in Cleveland?

Props. A greater understanding and appreciation for that “just right” item that conveys the action, defines the style of the character, or provides the proper distraction for a character that is not in the spotlight to blend into the background in a believable and purposeful way.

As for the bumps, bruises, and scrapes…well, I’m still getting them. Maybe I will just have to face the fact that I’m clumsy? Or, maybe it is an inevitable side effect of the process. Giving my best for the craft means giving it gusto. They are temporary and they will heal. But I will carry this experience – and these people – with me…well, at least every time I think about Cleveland!

Susan Scholz
a/k/a “Maria Merelli”

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