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If LEND ME A TENOR rehearsals were a drinking game and these were the trigger words, we would all be hilariously “lit” by the end of the night!

The stage will soon be set with six doors – ones that will open and close and make lots of noise. Yes, there are currently outlines on the floor in blue painters tape where the doors will be, but until we have that actual sound effect of the closing (slamming) door, the actors have to provide that cue for the next line or action to take place… “Door!” This results in fun and folly as we each try to outdo the last one who slammed the door.

As for “Max!” he’s everywhere. Each of the characters relies on him for something, and each in turn makes that plea/summons/command… “Max!” By the end of the show, his name has been uttered innumerable times – most of them in distress.

Since alcohol is not allowed during rehearsal (though Tito does a lovely “air pour” from the Chianti bottle), I am getting drunk on the exhilaration of creative collaboration with a small company of principals who come together to farce – without making it look forced.

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