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Thomsen Talk: May 2015

Mary PoppinsWind’s in the east,

There’s a mist coming in,

Like something is brewin’

About to begin……..

That “something” is the biggest show in QCT history! It was only a year ago that QCT expanded the boundaries of what it was capable of, and now, here we are, gearing up for a show that is even bigger.

As I write this, we just opened MAMA WON’T FLY, a cast consisting of veterans, newcomers and those making their “triumphant returns.” I think a facet of community theatre that our audiences enjoy is seeing familiar faces mixed with new faces in a variety of roles. In one show a person may be the lead, in another show that same person might be in the ensemble. We believe in casting the right person for the role, regardless of previous experience. I’m always interested in “a person’s story:” what made that person take the first step to audition or volunteer.

Recently, I have heard several people say, “Oh, I wish I was brave. I want to do a show. It looks like so much fun.” It IS fun! And we welcome everyone and we will guide you through the process so that you are comfortable. Seize this upcoming opportunity to be involved with something bigger than ourselves: MARY POPPINS – a show that teaches us that “anything can happen IF YOU LET IT.” So…. Why not “let it?” Take that first step – call to sign up for an audition or to volunteer. Something is about “to begin.”

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