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Not all winged creatures eat fruit

Would people come to see a play about your life? Would YOU come? At first one might think, “No way, I lived it once; I’m not gonna’ see a replay on stage!” But maybe you already have.

Think not of painful things that have occurred to us in life, but think of what we have learned from some of the wonderful things we’ve experienced. Take this year’s season so far at Quincy Community Theatre. In HONK! JR. we saw how tolerance can become an acquired taste, how friendship should be earned lest you be befriended by a sly tomcat who only becomes your friend out of hunger, and, of course, that a mother’s love is barnyard blind.

In MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT one can relate to Arthur. Well, at least I can. How alone you may sometimes feel in your quest, but in truth you are surrounded by many (or sometimes just a few) who believe in you. Let us also not forget a mother’s influence on an impressionable young man who shares her denial that any king who has not been elected by the people has any legitimate right to rule over them. And, of course, the young man abandons those ideals and leaves his mother once introduced to someone mysterious and beautiful. Sounding familiar?

How many times have we asked ourselves, “I wonder if ______(your first love, you fill in the blank) remembers me? What would life had been with _______ (him or her or them, you fill in the blank)?” We laughed with Savannah as she pondered this question in MAMA WON’T FLY. We saw that the dream might have been more exciting than actually answering those questions. A wise mother will encourage you to keep the dream.

Family dysfunctional-ism might be an underlying theme in the story of STELLALUNA, but ultimately a family’s love is what prevails. We ultimately are shown that rather than try to force someone to change, it might be better to realize that “not all winged creatures eat fruit” and accept them for who they are.

MARY POPPINS promises to put another mirror in front of us as we are magically entertained by this classic tale of family life put to music.

Our lives on stage? That’s what live theatre is. So, yeah, I’d buy a ticket. You can too! STELLALUNA opens at Quincy Community Theatre’s lab on June 11th and runs through June 14th. MARY POPPINS opens on the big stage on July 16th. It runs through July 26th.

Come experience the stories of life in live theatre!



Enjoy your summer! And remember, let’s be careful out there.

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