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Celebrating Mama

IMG_0674The unbelievable antics of Savannah Sprunt Fairchild Honeycutt and her feisty mother Norleen have kept audiences roaring with laughter night after night. True, this mother-daughter pair find themselves in the wildest situations imaginable. Who wouldn’t laugh at Essie, a bra museum tour guide, or Teeta, the showgirl-turned-minister?

But there’s more to MAMA WON’T FLY than laughs. As the ladies navigate their way through a series of hysterical mishaps, they also examine their relationships—new and old. What they find seems simple enough. Norleen wants her daughter to be happy. Savannah wants to live her own life. Haley, the bride-to-be, just wants the approval of her new family.

While these characters grow and learn to accept one another throughout the show, you never actually see the “perfect” family picture in MAMA WON’T FLY. When the lights come back up, these strong females are the same people they were before with the same wants they had the entire time. What you do see are real people in a real family doing their best to support one another.

IMG_0687Though they’re not perfect, these women are completely relatable. Maybe you rolled your eyes when your mother insisted upon taking a family photo in front of the world’s largest ball of twine. Maybe your sister tried to fix you up with a nice fellow she works with. Or maybe your parents forced you to go to that cowboy-themed family reunion. Whatever the case, we’ve all probably thought at one point or another that our family was the most dysfunctional family out there.

In the end, that dysfunctionality is what makes this play so relatable. The characters and situations are outrageous, true, but they’re a mirror for our own lives. And through that mirror, MAMA WON’T FLY teaches us all to appreciate the families that we all have, no matter how bizarre.

With our special Mother’s Day performance just around the corner, what better way is there to celebrate the “Mama” in our lives than with a message like that?

Quincy Community Theatre is proud to help many families celebrate their own “Mama” this weekend at its special Mother’s Day performance on Sunday, May 10th. Mothers who attend MAMA WON’T FLY on this day will have the chance to win a pair of 2016 Season Tickets, as well as gift certificates to area restaurants. The first 200 mothers to arrive will also receive a free pink carnation from Adam Florist.


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