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Thomsen Talk: March 2015

The question that I have been asked more than any other over the past week is “How is SPAMALOT going?” I’d prefer people ask me if they can buy me an angel food cake, but I’m happy to answer the other question.

IMG_6312My response every time has been with a huge smile, “It’s going really well.” People seem surprised. Are they assuming that it’s been miserable and I’m about to collapse with a nervous breakdown? With any show, one never knows who will show up to audition and will they accept the roles they’ve been offered, and will they learn their lines and will they come to play with eagerness. With SPAMALOT, there is such enthusiasm. It’s been there from the first day of auditions, and it’s continued through weeks of rehearsals. Actors learned their lines early and are coming up with fun ideas, dancers are working overtime, the vocal director and choreographer are working one on one with our performers so that everyone feels comfortable. The show is coming together so nicely, but most importantly, the feeling of mutual respect is evident and we are nurturing a theatre community.

We want you to join this theatre community. Opportunities are available onstage and off. Our next show is Mama Won’t Fly, one of the funniest plays I’ve read in a long, long time. Auditions for actors are March 23 and 24, and we are also looking for people to volunteer backstage with scenery, props, costumes, box office, and ushering. When people of various backgrounds and experience levels are working together as a team to create art and tell stories, how can the response not be, “It’s going really well!”

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