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TBT (Sir Robin)I guess you could say it was Sage’s grandparents that got him to this point – playing the Brave Sir Robin in QCT’s production of MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT.

Sage Mann is not from this neck of the woods. He spends most of the year living in Wisconsin, working at the restaurant his family has owned for 50 years. In the winters, Sage typically stays with his mother and little sisters. But over the years, Sage would frequently come to the Quincy area to visit his grandparents. QCT always seemed to find its way onto the itinerary, and that planted the seed for his future involvement.

You see, Sage had shown an interest in theatre at a much younger age. Between the ages of 10 and 12, he played Captain Hook in Peter Pan, Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the King in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella at a yearly theatre program back home. So when Sage came to visit this winter and saw a TV commercial for SPAMALOT auditions, he felt like it was fate.

“My grandma had always wanted me to try to join a QCT production. For me to discover it the day I arrived, to go for it like grandma wanted me to…and yet, the only reason I’m here is because she isn’t. She passed in November, and I came here to keep grandpa company. It all seemed like it was meant to happen.”

So far, Sage finds his experience “humbling.” Even so, he’s taking every opportunity to learn more about himself and his talents.

“It’s fantastic to come in each night and push myself to a new limit, unlocking secrets I never knew about my singing voice and emotional depth,” said Sage. “I even think that dancing is a fun and new experience…when it’s not filling me with crushing despair.”

As this exciting new experience comes ever closer to its end, Sage has come up with some very specific advice for newbies. If you’re auditioning for a musical, practice with a pianist if at all possible so that you’re well prepared. Beyond that, he encourages aspiring actors and actresses to read the audition tips on the QCT website: come prepared, read the entire script, come early, and, best of all, make strong choices and take risks.

“Memorizing and rehearsing those is just as vital as learning any song or lines. Amazing advice,” commented Sage.

All of this and a secret wish of his grandmother has put Sage on stage!

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