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Honoring the NWA


Ernest Hemingway was lucky, and he wrote about it. Woodward and Bernstein-right place at the right time. Grisham? Another opportunist with the skill of weaving fact and fiction, if you ask me! Oh yes, the learned critics of the world have long declared them “artists”, “national treasures” and “America’s pride”. Well, in the whole scheme of the literary world, I declare them lightweights. Their work is more often overshadowed by the hype associated with their books.

So who are the hardy, skilled writers of America? Who are brave leaders in this field of communication? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the Newsletter Writers of America, the NWA! I am talking about those tenacious corporate secretaries and marketing professionals who are responsible for filling those paycheck envelopes and email folders with new news, old news, dress code updates, colorful pie charts, and motivational articles.

“The Old Man and the Sea?” Harrumph! Let’s see if Ernie can capture the attention of a bunch of arts enthusiasts struggling to match their financial resources to their desire to experience the best of live theatre. Take Quincy Community Theatre’s newsletter “The Billboard” for example. This week readers discover two testimonials from the musical director and the student theatre director of HONK! JR. They gain valuable insight from Brandon Thomsen, QCT’s Artistic Director. They see how they can participate in a tribute to Paul Denckla, our Technical Director. And they are reminded that HONK! JR. tickets are on sale as well as QCT’s 2015 Season Tickets. Oh, I know, Grisham tells stories inspired by his experiences as a rookie cop and attorney. But really, anyone can do that if they’ve been rookie cops and attorneys. Try keeping up encouragement for forging a new direction in Theatre in front of line staff, volunteers and patrons month after month! Woodward and Bernstein were declared pioneers in journalism because they uncovered a couple of liars and bad burglars. Well, whoop de doo! Let’s see them try to make the normal truth sound interesting and exciting in every issue. Newsletter writers, now those are your true communication specialists.

Do they have a day set aside for honoring their work? It’s time they do! What better time than January or February?! Those are hard months  for Newsletter Writers. There is no more need for a holiday gift idea or hungry orphans to feed. Football is nearly over and baseball doesn’t start up for a couple of months. But, until then; until the nation jumps aboard that noble band wagon, just  take the time to say “Job well done!” the next time you see your Newsletter Writer. And, as always, let’s be careful out there.


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