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Don’t Set Yourself To Be Clothes Minded About The HONK! JR. Set and Costumes!

We took a quick look at the set of HONK! JR. and were transported to a duckyard filled with ducks, geese, frogs, and more! The set is full of larger than life pieces of nature and lively colors that put you in the mood for a lovely poultry tale. 

One’s focus is pulled to the gigantic cattails that surround our characters. They help the audience keep in mind that our actors are playing animals, and said animals might not be as tall as some of us are. At the same time, things like the barn in the back are meant to look further back and are therefore a more normal size. Not to mention the bright colors and size of it all help to keep the vibrant energy and youth of this show in all aspects of this show! This set is meant to leave people wanting more and get the audience planted in their seats.

We also went backstage and asked our costume designer, Danielle Held, about her ideas for the show and what our animals will look like! She described the costumes as 1950s hipster. Our Ugly will be rockin’ some dark framed glasses with a lot of our girls wearing patterned, wasp-waisted dresses and petticoats. Our frogs are a bit of an exception since they will be decked out in green and as ugly as can be. These costumes serve to show everyone that we are fabulous no matter what we are wearing or what we look like! 
Overall our costumes are meant to help us feel in character, but they aren’t used to make us look like each of our animals. It’s up to each individual actor to find their own physicality to become the animal while rocking our new hipster wardrobes!

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