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If you are reading this expecting a poignant, inspirational, maybe even sappy testimonial of the value of community…come back in November. That seems to be my poignant, inspirational, and sappy time of the year.

It is 2015! Happy New Year, everyone! This is the time of year we start to put the theatre budget to the mill wheel, so to speak. The responsibility of matching budget revenues to production expenses sometimes takes some negotiation. In the past I’ve heard that this process gets mitigated with the phrase, “It’s just community theatre.” I remember thinking, “When did the word “community” become a word meaning something of lower standing on the quality spectrum?” QCT’s artistic team is diving into the new year with auditions, marketing, rehearsals, classroom instructions, Spring classes, and the 2016 play selection. I am often in awe of their ideas, enthusiasm, and creativity. I watch as HONK! JR. is about to go up, and I listen as the audition team laughs with each MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT audition. QCT patrons and sponsors are excited about their financial support of live theatre. Where in any of this does “community” mean anything other than courage, dedication, intelligence, and professionalism?

Well, maybe this rant was a poignant, inspirational, maybe even a sappy testimonial to the value of community; that Community really is something of high quality and something to consider all year long.

And so we shall.

Quincy Community Theatre Season Tickets are on sale! Get your individual tickets for HONK! JR.  Our wonderful and exciting season is about to begin. Thank you for your support and hey, let’s be a community out there!


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