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When the Music’s Over

That’s all folks! A Christmas Carol has ended its run at Quincy Community Theatre.

When a show comes to an end, I usually have a mixed set of emotions.

Wishful thinking: could we do one more performance?
Relief: maybe now I’ll get more sleep…
Sadness: when will I see these people again?

As the saying goes, it takes a village to produce a musical of this size. If you’re a member of the community who attended one of our performances, I encourage you to email us your thoughts on the show ( I also encourage you to ponder this: when will it be your turn to be a part of QCT?

Yes, that’s right. We want you!

The great thing about theatre is it’s something anyone can be a part of. And I don’t just mean acting. A theatre succeeds through its volunteers. Donating your time is one of the best things you can do for this organization. 

But I get it. You’re busy, it’s the holidays, your kids have the flu, how could you possibly find the time to volunteer at a theatre?

Below are some dedicated people who through the greatness in their heart gave up work, school, family time, and/or sleep to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves. What makes these certain people special is that they’re also pictured with a member of their family, also involved in the show.

Joshua Scott and Mark Schneider

Kylea Hankins and Kayden Garrett

Ziven, Cindy and Thatcher Crist

Colleen and Connor Schmuck

Benjamin and Janelle Dolbeare

Randy and Matthew Stocker

Maddi and Karol Ehmen, and Alayna Schlipman

Janet Bringer and Shanda Smith

A volunteer serves others by supporting a cause without expecting anything in return.
It’s through people like these pictured above that Christmas cheer was spread through the area, and quite possibly, further! 

There is usually never a “perfect time” to volunteer. There’s always going to be a reason that prevents you from doing it. But St. Francis once said “It is in giving that we receive.” And believe me, as someone who has been volunteering with QCT for 13 years, no other feeling compares to the pride of knowing I contributed towards this theatre.

Facebook can wait.
Netflix can wait.
Napping on the couch can wait.
QCT cannot wait.
We need you now.

Volunteering opportunities through QCT.

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