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“It really gives you something to be thankful for.” Thoughts from cast members

Oh boy, folks! Time has really flown by!

Since my last post, we’ve gone through tech rehearsals, added a crew, costumes, make-up, an orchestra, and all kinds of set pieces! Our tech rehearsals are a time when our crew and design team have to get a lot done in a short period of time. Our job as actors is to perform our best, and also stay quiet when we hear “HOLD!”

Brandon, our director, gives the cast some last minute notes before the show begins.

After coming off of Thanksgiving break, I felt a little sluggish at first during our Saturday rehearsal. But luckily, I have plenty of fellow cast members to get me going! I feel our tech weekend went very smoothly, which lead to an even better rehearsal Monday evening.

I thought for this particular blog, I would focus on some of my fellow actors, and give me a little of their background.

Meet Camden!

Camden chats with Wes Friday before the opening number.

Camden Scifres plays the role of Peter Cratchit. He described his experience with the show so far as “fantastic.” While this is the first time on the QCT stage for Camden, this is not his first time around with A Christmas Carol. He previously played Tiny Tim in a production at Hannibal-LaGrange University. “Playing the role of Peter Cratchit, it really gives you the insight of what it’s like to be in poverty in the 1800’s or even present day. It really gives you something to be thankful for,” said Camden. Whether it’s acting on stage, or getting the chance to make new friends, Camden says he enjoys the social aspect of theatre the most.

Meet Jerilyn!

Jerilyn waits patiently while her hair is styled

Jerilyn Dufresne (or Jeri for short) says she “adores musicals.” One of the reasons she enjoys musicals specifically is all the new people you meet and friends you make with a larger cast. This is a new experience for Jeri, as she gets to step out of the box, and play a different type of role – the charwoman. “Since, in real life, I’m kind of a nice person, it was so much fun getting into a villain role. I’ve ever really played a villain before, and so I absolutely adored not being a sweet grandma. I’m really grateful I got this part,” Jeri said. This is Jeri’s fourth QCT production. The first was in the 1960 in the show The Happy Time. Jeri was a youngster at the time, and saw her dad up on the stage, and thought she ought to try it too. Her next QCT show was in 1984 in the show God’s Favorite. Jeri then most recently returned to the QCT stage this fall in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. She describes her experience so far with A Christmas Carol with one word: laughter.

Meet Maddi!

Maddi prepares for Act II.

Maddi Ehmen counts herself lucky that she’s able to act along side some familiar people in this show. Not only is her mother in the show, but her cousin as well. “It’s really cool because all of our family is coming, and it’s really fun to share it with them,” said Maddi. This is the third QCT production for Maddi, and she portrays Fan for this production. “I like the song I get to sing a lot, and the background of the character and why she’s coming to her brother,” said Maddi. Being a student and an actor is tough work, Maddi commented. She’s currently a seventh grader at Saint James School. Maddi passed along her thoughts on what she believed the message of the show to be. “Don’t be down about life, pick up and remember that people are there for you.”

One of my favorite parts of any production is the costumes! Here are some sneak peeks at what you’ll see during this show.

Tami Liller

Shanda Smith

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