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A floor talks

Empty stage

To some, the stage floor looks sad about what it had been a part of the last 6 weeks. The set has been dismantled; the spike tape ripped off to reveal the previous show’s paint. The pit cover too, not a part of the most recent paint, now reflects a contrasting almost luminous green. Large stock pieces, appearing ostrich-like, are stacked against the back wall. Fabric tails are hanging down at random heights from the ceiling. If you really concentrate you believe you can still hear the character’s voices almost at a whisper. As I helped with the strike last Sunday night, I imagined that floor saying, “Thank you!” to the production team, the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol. “It was a wonderful telling of a familiar tale and you used my space well.” This space truly gave it’s all to support a dynamic story; a life; a life that seemed to end on a late Sunday night. But live theatre does not end.

Monday morning, without changing a thing, the space re-awakens. The contrasting colored floor and fabric tails are now like a fresh canvas just waiting for the artists’ brush. Flats, recently shoved to their stalls or against the walls, show themselves like shiny stock on a supermarket shelf. A couple of children, fresh from the next show’s auditions, walk with excitement and yet with reverence out on that canvas. A new story to tell, a new life for that space to take on.

Quincy Community Theatre’s 2015 season promises to tell wonderful stories of character, a little silliness, adventure, and beautiful harmonies; some even put to music. I invite you to be a part of these stories. Volunteer to be an artist on that canvas, as actors, as crew, as musicians or as ambassadors to those coming to hear and see the stories.

Season tickets are on sale now and make wonderful gifts; a gift of stories being told as only live theatre can tell them.

Happy Holidays and hey, let’s be joyous out there!


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