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The C Word

Sometimes we may think that serving on some Theatre Committees is the “cleaning of the toilets” of volunteerism. Ok, I suppose having to actually clean the theatre toilets is the “cleaning of the toilets” of volunteerism. Was that an analogy, a metaphor, or a simile? I often struggle with the differences as I translate fleeting brain ideas into words. It is probably a simile and don’t get me started on similes. Our culture has taken such a classic useful communication tool and diluted its power by putting the word “like” in every other declaratory statement whether or not the speaker is trying to make a true comparison. I blame the freaks and hippies of my generation for starting this. Who knew lazy language would catch on, prosper and mutate into acceptable conversation? ….Where was I going with this? …. I’m like, directionless, man.

Take two: The world moves and planets move in synchronicity. Oceans and rivers still flow. Tall buildings wave and twist, so too must the business of theatre move. How does Quincy Community Theatre move? It is with active participation and leadership. So, I’d like to highlight some ways our volunteers can provide that active participation and leadership: The QCT committees.

Play Reading: This committee reads and reads and reads. They then meet and with the guidance of the staff, recommend the season of plays and musicals. This committee organizes in January and sends a season recommendation to the Board by its June meeting. A person usually serves two years on this committee.

Marketing: This committee reads and reads and reads. Then they talk and talk and talk. With the guidance of staff, they meet to set marketing strategies or recommend strategies to the Board. This is an ongoing committee with no specific terms.

Special Events: This committee is designed to produce our volunteer recognition event, our Quilta awards night. In addition they may decide to produce a small or large event to correspond to a show, a season or a major fund raising effort. The intent is to raise money for a specific show or for general theatre use.

By-laws: Every two years we look at our by-laws and decide what is still working and what is not. It is the goal of the Board to totally revise the By Laws in 2015. We hope to have them ready for the official Annual Fall Membership meeting. This committee is led by the Board Vice President and should have at least 3 to 5 non-board members.

Membership: This committee takes care of the two membership meetings each year. They are responsible for the membership list and they work with staff to not only get recruiting information out, but to keep the membership advised of the theatre’s accomplishments and its needs.

Long Range Planning: This is by far the most popular committee in the whole wide world. Or at least it should be. This committee can read and read and read, but most of all it can dream as they recommend strategies and improvements to our operation. From these dreams and recommendation we try to make an operation plan.

Nominating: This committee makes Board Member recommendations. Every year three Board Members terms expire. They can serve two successive terms and many do. These recommendations get voted on during the Annual Fall Membership meeting.

Personnel: This committee works with the Executive Director, at least one Board member and the Board President to recommend personnel policies. They may be called upon to assist in personnel evaluations. They MAY be asked to assist in personnel investigations and hiring, recognition, and possibly discipline and removal.

Finance: This committee works with the Board President & Treasurer and Executive Director to recommend the annual budget including staff salaries to the Board. They can also meet with the treasurer and Executive Director to evaluate sustaining assets, profit and losses and budget status during the year.

We need volunteers for all committees! Please let Board President Randy Stocker or me know that you have an interest in serving. You can also express interest by visiting our Members and Volunteers page, following the Committees link at the top of the page, and completing the interest form. (Password= membership ) And, as Sgt. Phil Freemason Esterhaus used to remind us, “Let’s be careful out there!”


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