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Talkin’ back

Phraseology is fascinating!  As an example, for me the term “Talk Back” has historically been a part of some kind of parental admonishment.  “Don’t talk back to me, young man.”  The admonishment became so popular that a new noun evolved, “Backtalk”. (Gee, I hope that wasn’t just me.)  Anyway, at Quincy Community Theatre we will be giving everyone an opportunity to enter a No Admonishment Talk Back Zone.

In collaboration with Quincy Public Library’s The Big Read, Quincy’s popular community read which kicks off Thursday, September 11 from 4-7 pm at Quincy Museum,  we will be having a couple of talkbacks  about the QCT’s production of “And Then There Were None”. The library’s Big Read is “The Maltese Falcon” another story in the mystery noir genre.   Our talkbacks will occur after our productions on September 14th and again on September 19th.  So participate in the Library’s Big Read, then come see our production of “And Then There Were None and feel free to ‘talk back, young man”.  (and woman!)


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