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The people sing!

Last night was the first music rehearsal for Les Misérables and boy, can this cast sing! This show heavily features its ensemble and groups of voices, rather than focusing solely on soloists. The column of sound that this cast created was mind-blowing. With powerful lyrics and rich chords, songs like One Day More, Do You Hear the People Sing?, and At the End of the Day are sure to excite. Being a part of such a strong chorus is any singer’s dream come true.

During music rehearsals, vocal director Jillian Miller emphasizes not only the notes on the page, but the subtext behind the words. Not every song is pretty and floating like the finale; some songs require real grit, like At the End of the Day. In-depth analysis of the lyrics and really understanding why the character is singing improves the song drastically, even in the first day of rehearsal.

Both acts of the musical end with incredibly resonant chords that are sure to fill the theatre with excitement and passion. The tunes are both catchy and thought-provoking, undoubtedly leaving them pleasantly stuck in your head throughout the next week(s). Once you hear the songs, you’ll never forget them.

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