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Roommate Troubles | The Saga Begins

OSCAR: I’d be immensely grateful to you, Felix, if you didn’t clean up just now.

FELIX: It’s only a few things…

OSCAR: Felix, leave everything alone. I’m not through dirtying up for the night!

Felix and Oscar. Oscar and Felix. Two of the most famous roommates in roommate historyand two of the most opposite people you could ever imagine! Since premiering at the Plymouth Theatre in 1965, The Odd Couple has entertained countless audiences across the world—not just onstage. This staple of the American theatre also is the focus of two hilarious films and several television series, including the recently announced reboot starring Matthew Perry.

And when you think about it, it’s not hard to see why.

It’s a story we know from experience! Everyone has (or knows someone with) a terrible roommate story. Maybe they gradually stole all of your socks. Maybe they forgot their leftovers in the fridge so long that they changed colors…thrice. Regardless, it’s those now laughable combinations of tidy and slovenly that make some of our best tales!

That’s why we’re going to be telling our OWN horrible roommate stories.. Cast. Crew. Production Staff. We hope you’ll start laughing before you ever hit the door!

Keep a lookout for these stories on this blog…and feel free to tell your own roommate horror story!
(Do your horrible roommate a favor
—change their name if you want to share!)

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