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Let’s start with a little family history.

Hello, guten tag, aloha, and ciao to all the QCT blog followers!
I’m Meghan, a member of the ensemble of The Wizard of Oz.

This is practically a dream come true to do this show.
To give you a little background on yours truly, I come from a family where theatre is certainly not the “norm.” It’s usually centered around sports (specifically the Chiefs, or Royals)
The person who always pushed me to do theatre was my great Uncle Charlie, who lived in Kansas City (I hear everything’s up to date there.)
Uncle Charlie was an actor himself.
Uncle Charlie lived anywhere and everywhere for theatre. He used to tell me about his run-ins with famous actors. Although he just called them his friends. 
One actress in particular you might be familiar with….

…recognize her?
That’s Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch of the West.
Charlie and Ms. Hamilton were quite good friends; she used to call to him “Hey K.C.!” 
My connection to him and this show makes it all the more special.

Charlie passed away in 2005, and won’t be seeing our production of this, but regardless, I’m dedicating my performance to him….and a special lady who is would be happy to see us keeping The Wizard of Oz al

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