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9 to 5: Choreography aka we’ve got some mad moves!

Musical theatre.  You’ve got singing.  You’ve got acting.  And then there’s the dancing.  No, not dancing.  CHOREOGRAPHY!  The definition is quite simple:  it is the sequence of steps and movements in dance, especially in a ballet or other staged dance.  It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?  Come to find out, it’s a bit harder than you might think!  

During rehearsals for 9 to 5, the cast has been learning choreography for both the big group numbers and the smaller ensemble pieces.  With choreographer Cheryl Kaiser at the helm, we have been transformed into dancing experts…well, okay, some of us have.

From chasses and grapevines, to jazz squares and, my personal favorite, the pivot, we work our way across the stage to bring the songs to life.  For someone who has never taken a dance class before, it is quite the experience (and, I should mention, a great workout)!  

So, get your tickets today for 9 to 5 and enjoy our groovy moves!


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