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When was the last time you saw Peter Pan?

When was the last time you saw Peter Pan? Was it the Broadway musical? Maybe it was Robin Williams in Hook, or perhaps the carrot-haired boy, familiarized by Walt Disney. How many characters were in it? Take a moment, count on your fingers if you need to. There’s Peter, the Darling family, Lost Boys, mermaids, pirates… Now look at this picture. How many do you see?


Nine students from the area are constructing the wild and whimsical world of Peter Pan. Most of the actors portray two, three, or even more characters. Scallywags, merfolk, and little rascals await in this adaptation of the classical tale, each as fantastical as the last. Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you in the twists and turns of Quincy Community Theatre’s Peter Pan: you never know who — or what — you’ll find.

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