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Happy First Rehearsal!

Last night was the first rehearsal for QCT’s Lab Production of Peter Pan. This adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale is like none that has ever been seen — literally! This show is a conglomeration of many different aspects of the classic story, from the novel “Peter and Wendy” to the original 1904 production. Surprises lie in store for all who attend this performance. You may just learn something you never knew about the time-honored bedtime story!

The first step in the rehearsal is table work. No, nobody comes in with saws and hammers to build a table. The production team — actors, the accompanist, the director, the stage manager, the costumer, and the publicity guru — meets to read through the script. This allows the company to get a feel for the show, just to hear what the words sound like when spoken aloud and to begin formulation of ideas. Who is Peter Pan? What drives each character? What do those eloquent lines mean when spoken by such innocent children? Each person has their own ideas about the show; this is the time to share them. They spark quite the conversation! One idea thrown out last night was this, which I invite you to reflect on.

“Growing up has the connotation of leaving someone who needs you.”

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