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Build Your Own World: A Neverland Interactive Game

Quick! Grab the object nearest to you. It can be a pencil, a hairbrush, your cell phone, even a rubber duck. Just pick up the first thing you can find and stick with it. This is now your focal point. Mine is a stapler.

Now, hold it in your hand. What does it look like? What color, what shape, what size? Feel it beneath your fingertips. Rough? Smooth? Soft? Firm? Does it bend? Can you squeeze it? Now, study its features with all five of your senses (the sixth, too, if you have one) and absorb those details. Assimilate them into your mind’s eye.

Now make it a piece of clothing.

 Like a bow tie! Bow ties are cool.

Now a kitchen utensil.

 Like a lemon juicer! 

 Now a part of a car.

 Like windshield wipers!

Now an animal.

Like a beaver!
                                                                                You’ve just made four completely different objects from one thing you snatched up from arm’s reach — one of which was a living creature! This is just a taste of how the eight actors in Peter Pan create the worlds around them. A lamp becomes a tree, an old Christmas wreath a bird’s nest, a grass skirt a roaring fire. 
Want to share your ideas? Post a picture or send a comment to Quincy Community Theatre’s Facebook page to tell us about your masterpiece!

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